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Personal Information


Monica Rosa Chadi de Yorio, licensed in Social Work, Graduated from the Social Services “Facultyde Museo Social Argentino", in her serious capacitive she specialized as a family and couples as a group therapy person.

She is also graduate from therapeutic family school of the Family Institute directed by Dr. Carlos Maria Usandivaras.

She is also involved as a “Family mediator” as interdisciplinary at these least Institute in which she was given the distinguished “Family Institute “ price, for her comprehension of the systemic conception, her dedication to the study and her professional responsibility.
Her knowledge in the different “clinical modules “ in “ Systemic Family Therapy", that includes
  • Family in crisis; High risk adolescents, Family’s with incapacitated members, family’s with adopted children, depression, biology, family and couples; couples, marital crisis, divorce .
  • Problems at school with children and adolescents, and general problems of the adolescents.
  • Remarried families or ensemble; uni parental families and three generations living together.
  • Limits and parental authority.
She also received training under “clinical supervision” also in “ Systemic Family Therapy “
“ Violence in the Family “ and “ Social network “ Have her as an specialist in these subjects.
And the Systemic association of Buenos Aires ( ASIBA) she was a member of Directive Co-mission.
Her extense trajectory have her as one of the “ Pioneer” in the SOCIAL INDEPENDENT WORK “
in the areas of : Prevention, Institutional, Docent, Investigations and Assistance.
And the last activities she work as a “ Social Therapeutic in the work with families and couples “,
applying “ Orientation, Diagnostics and families and couples treatment. “
In the institutional area she exercise in professional supervision for individuals, groups, institutional and interdisciplinary. Also she is adviser for docents, trans disciplinary teams and
institutional groups.
In the area of prevention, she organizes and put together conferences about “ talks for parents and docents “ and coordinates “ workshops of reflexions for parents, docents and professional “ .
Her active labor got her several docent positions, where she was a coordinator and speaker and courses, journal, institutions, and district colleges and provinces of Social Work, ( interior and exterior of the country) and also in the Family Institute.

At the same time, she is a consultant for the Zona Norte which is a help Center for Families and couples, of the group “ CONVIVIR”, directed by the lic. LILIANA CALVO
Also a group member of the interdisciplinary team of the: INSTITUTO DE LA FAMILIA de San Isidro Provincia de Buenos Aires.
As a pioneer in the social independent work she was a co -founder and coordinator of the group
“FUNDACIONAL SOCIOTERAPEUTICO DE TRABAJADORES SOCIALES INDEPENDIENTES” (Social therapeutic founders group of the independent Social Workers) .

There are several investigation work of her own presented in several journals and Provincial Congresses, Nationals and Internationals.
Her production in prevention and Social health, Families, scholar and mental published and several news papers and magazines, and also work about professional identity and exercise edited in magazines and in professional bulletins\
Her experience and practices, got her to be a “creator, arranger and author “ ( along with other professionals ) of “APORTES” a virtual magazine that deals in two different areas :

INSTITUTIONAL, with academic material specific for professionals.
PREVENTION , with publications for parents and docents.


“ Enseñando a volar “ guia practica para padres y docentes - “ Teaching to fly “ a practical guide for parents and docents

“Socioterapias hoy. Lo social y.......lo sistemico “ - “ Social therapeutic to day . The Social and...........systemic “

Social work integration to focus Systemic Relational -

1997- 2003

Social network en
the Social Work -

- 2000-2003-

2005- 2007



monica chadi


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